Studies show that colloidal oatmeal strengthens the skin barrier and helps aid in any damage caused by dryness by plumping up and moisturizing the skin.  So, do oatmeal baths really help eczema? Absolutely. Organizations like the National Eczema Association lists oatmeal baths as a recognized treatment option.

To DIY your own ground oatmeal

Use whole, uncooked oats (also known as rolled oats) without any additives.

Grind them up super fine in a blender or food processor — even a coffee grinder works. Just make sure you clean out your morning smoothie remnants first before giving it a go.

Test your oat powder by mixing a spoonful in a glass of water. If it’s milky and feels silky to the touch, voila! You’ve got the consistency right. If not, keep on grinding- grinding oats flakes to a flour – ths is not be confused with Collodial Oatmeal (you will need to buy this from a healthfood supplier) but it can be used in the mask as an alternative the Oatmeal.


  • Carrot and Oat Face Maskcarrot face mask on face2 medium size carrots (or 1 large)
  • 3 tbl of Ground Oats / Oatmeal  / Collodial Oats
  • 1 tbl of Oilve Oil (or Grapeseed / Almond / Rice Bran Oil)

Peel and chop the carrots and boil / steam until tender.  Mash the carrots and add the Oatmeal to form a dry paste then add the Oil of your choice, and mix well together.

Wrap a towel around your neck to protect your clothing  and pack on the mask, yes it does looks scrambled egg but pack it on thickly to get the all the wonderful nutrients & relax for 20 mins remove the mask using a  dampened face cloth with a final cold water rinse off.  Pat your skin dry and apply a moisturiser of your choice.

Apply to the face, neck and backs of hands as thickly as possible (avoiding the eye area)  and  relax, don’t forget to put a towel over your pillow to protect the pillow as the mask is very yellow – this is due to beta-carotene found in carrots which can stain clothing / bedding


Result:  My skin felt smoother & more plumped with  definitely less visible wrinkles – and it also looked brighter too which is no bad thing for winter skin look.

If you make this mask – please send pics!

Enjoy your “YOU” time.