Pigmentation is the new wrinkle

April 20, 2016 |

So good to read in the April edition of Woman & Home (page 101) highlighting  the clinically proven merits of an ingredient that WE have included in two of our products: The heading of the feature “Pigmentation is the new Wrinkle”, advises the reader to look out for Niacinamide in their skincare  products. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is a wonder…

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Are you suffering from Dry Skin?

March 15, 2016 |

At a recent fair the main topic of conversation from the ladies coming to the NURA stand, discussing how dry their skin is.  Their hands looked parched, tight and generally uncomfortable.  This got me thinking and looking into how you can effectively improve and treat your skin using simple kitchen ingredients. Our skin suffers most during the winter months and even with…

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