FREE Travel Size Vitamin C Serum

July 18, 2019 |
FREE Gift on all orders

We are giving away during July on all orders our travel size (10ml) Hydra-Intense Vitamin C Serum. Best anti-ageing skincare advice – always wear an SPF and add a Vitamin C product to your skincare routine.  Vitamin C is clinically proven to protect and repair your skin against U V exposure!  Whilst the sun is…

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Do you know the difference between Dry and Dehydrated Skin?

November 14, 2018 |

  Dry skin is a  skin type, and dehydration refers to a skin condition. Dry skin lacks oil because it produces less sebum than normal skin, and the lack of sebum means the skin is without the lipids it needs to retain moisture and to build a strong barrier to protect against external aggressors, using…

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Natural remedies to help relieve Hayfever Symptoms

May 22, 2018 |

It is that time of year again, when the weather’s gorgeous and there should be nothing more joyous than lying in the grass, eating strawberries and having fun, but for hayfever sufferers, a relaxing day in the sun becomes a tortuous experience, seen through teary eyes and interrupted by a perpetually streaming nose  can easily…

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Exfoliate your way to better Skin

April 18, 2018 |

After a very long, wet, cold and snowy winter there is promise of warm sunnier climates heading our way, so this is the ideal time to get out skin into tip top condition and silky smooth. Our skin suffers most during the winter months.  Not only does have to deal with the cold weather but…

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Are your lips Dry, Cracked and Flakey – Causes and Cures

March 27, 2018 |

At last, winter is now at an end but is your skin,  in particular your lips, paying the price for harsh winter conditions?  Are they dry, chapped and flaky,? The average thickness of the skin on the body is 0.6 mm, on the face it is 0.12 mm , but on the lips and around…

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Glow from the inside out

February 1, 2018 |
alt="how to have younger looking skin"

Are your new year’s resolutions waving a little thin? What were they? to get fit? to lose excess weight? to get toned? How is it going or are you struggling? Perhaps this blog might help you get back on track as we  look into the benefits of exercise on the skin and how can it…

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Now is the time to “Wintersize” your skin

November 9, 2017 |

Tips to ensure your skin remains soft, nourished & calm over the winter months. Our skin is going to take the full blast of harsh changes from our surrounding elements; central heating, biting wind, rapid changes in temperatures – going from hot to cold or visa versa can play havoc on the skin, leaving it…

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Is STRESS ruining your skin? 6 Tips tips to help reduce stressed skin.

April 7, 2017 |

How STRESS affects your skin.   Stress happens to everyone, and signs of stress can show up on your skin in ways you won’t like – Stress can be a good but equally a bad thing too, and sometimes you just can’t avoid it.  The best the best thing to do is to recognize your own stress…

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Foods for Beautiful Skin – Beauty isn’t only skin deep

March 10, 2017 |

We love our natural skincare products but also recorgnise how crucial it is to look after your skin from within – you are, after all what you eat! Late nights, too much alcohol and  sugar can soon show itself in dull, devitalised or a dreaded breakout.  So the old adage “You are what you eat” –…

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How to get Smooth Silky hands – 5 post-winter tips

March 6, 2017 |

5 Tips to get soft smooth hands With Spring in the air, now is the time to focus on our hands.  If your hands are suffering the “alligator” look with dry scaly skin, use these quick tips to get your hands looking soft and smooth. Use a moisturizing  soap with Shea butter and Olive Oil to soften hands. Hand-made…

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