Now is the time to “Wintersize” your skin

Tips to ensure your skin remains soft, nourished & calm over the winter months.

Our skin is going to take the full blast of harsh changes from our surrounding elements; central heating, biting wind, rapid changes in temperatures – going from hot to cold or visa versa can play havoc on the skin, leaving it looking flushed, red and weather beaten caused by fluctuating blood vessels.   Even people who don’t normally have dry skin can find the winter months a problem.

One of the main issues of the cold weather is the skin drying out rapidly – this is caused when the skin becomes too dry – The skin’s barrier ceases to be as effective because it’s lost some of its natural protective moisturisers – this is caused by the lipid (fats) found in the skin break up and the water element in our skin quickly evaporates causing excessive dead skin to flake off causing inflammation which and can lead to eczema type conditions.

Here are some tips to winterize your skin that will help protect your skin for the winter months ahead

  1. Moisturise, Moisturise  & moisturise – all skin types benefit from  moisturising regularly apply moisturisers and lip salves & Balms (Nutri-Pure Balm – now available in a stick and jar)to combat the winter effects and using an emollient that’s right for your skin – keeping skin moist is imperative to avoid it getting overly dry which can lead to cracked and irritated skin especially in the cheeks and forehead. – Try our Vitamin B3 Day Creams – for Normal / /Dry Skin there is the Vitamin B3 Moisturising Cream and for Normal to Combination there is the Vitamin B3 Balancing Day Cream
  2. If you suffer from very dry body skin, apply a moisturiser or body oil to your skin straight after a bath or shower while the skin is still slightly damp. Vigorously drying your skin with a towel can damage it, so pat dry and don’t rub.
  3. Protect your hands by wearing gloves and moisturise regularly – try our Nourishing Hand Cream with Vitamin B3, enriched with Olive Oil and Shea Butter this will help soften and protect the hands and replenish the lost moisture from the skin.
  4. Avoid harsh, alcohol-based cleansers and soaps alcohol and go easy on exfoliation (none of Nura’s cleansers and shower gel contain.
  5. Alcohol) If your skin is red, inflamed and rough don’t use a physical exfoliator like a sugar scrub as this could irritate the skin further, try our Skin Radiance Cleansing Cream – it contains white willow bark extract, it contains a natural “Alpha Hydroxy Acid” which gently sloughs away dead skin, leaving a younger & brighter complexion.
  6. Whilst it’s natural to want to stay warm indoors, even the central heating can affect our skin. The drier air in centrally heated buildings causes the skin can dry skin to dry out, so try to turn down the thermostat.  For extra deep nourishment try using our Renewal Night Oil Complexion as a mask – it really helps restore the moisture levels in the skin:

Nourishing Facial Mask

Apply a layer of the oil serum over cleansed skin (avoiding the eye area), and leave on for 10 minutes and before you take it off, and for extra comfort apply a warm damp bamboo cloth over and leave it on for a few seconds – then massage the residue into the skin or remove with a warm damp cloth, your skin will feel smoother and more plumped!

  1. Avoid the temptation to have a long hot bath, as this can strip away much needed natural oil from the skin. Try and shorten the length of time and remember to keep the water temperature warm not hot – our delicious Milk Bath Salts are wonderful in moisturising the skin, infused with olive, coconut oil and nourishing butter milk, helps to keep the skin soft and smooth.

DIY Body Polish

Mix a tablespoon of Milk Bath Salts with almond or olive oil and make a small paste.  Apply with a bathing mitt and massage over damp skin. Even though you may have dry skin in one area, polish the whole body as this will help stimulate the circulation system and ultimately balance the skin.  Rinse off with warm water and pat dry your skin gently.

  1. Increasing your fatty acid oil content in your diet can help from the inside out,  foods and supplements to try:
  • EPA Fish Oil Concentrate
  • omega 3-rich foods: oily fish, flaxseed and hemp oil
  • antioxidant rich foods: tomatoes, broccoli, kiwi, peppers and dark green leafy vegetables

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