At long last we are now offering full size “REFILLS!!!

Excited to announce we are now offering refills on the Skin Radiance Cleansing Cream – in line with our Eco credentials and realising that the Pump dispenser is not recyclable you can now reuse it!!  We will be adding more refills soon on our other products.


Cleanser & refillThe bottle is made from PET plastic which is fully and widely recyclable – all you need to do is when you have used up all of the product,

  1. Unscrew the pump and clean and clean hands (wearing gloves – even better) wipe clean the pump tube and inside the collar – no need to wash.  If you would like to wash, wash in hot soapy water, and allow to dry fully before using.
  2. Replace the pump into the new refill bottle.
  3. Wash out out the empty bottle – only clean bottles get recycled.

Here is an interesting link on on the   Sustainability of Pet Plastic Bottles

Why do we use Plastic in our packaging?

As much as we would love to be completely free of plastic, this is almost impossible for us to achieve in the way we package our products.  We recently changed the airless containers that were used in our Vitamin C Serum, B3 Face Creams and Renewal Night Oil.  The packaging was extremely attractive and very effective in dispensing the product too, but, and a very big BUT  – the packaging was made from a combination of Acrylics / mixed plastic and Aluminium – so non-recyclable and would end up in landfill – even the aluminium part on the packaging could not be extracted so would also end up in landfill.

We have spent over a year looking and searching suitable eco-packaging and glass jars  / bottles – which is great but again, there are issues with Glass.  It is very heavy, it can break especially the larger 150ml bottles which wouldn’t be great if dropped  whilst having a shower.  This was the one of the primary reasons why  we haven’t put all of our products into glass – Pet Plastic is a great alternative, although it is a plastic it is widely recyclable,  to make new PET containers.  It is light, does not break if dropped (so great if you are in the shower!) and not as expensive as Glass.  But, we still need to use plastic even in the glass bottles – the dispensing pumps are made from a combination of mixed plastic, aluminium etc and is not recyclable – another issue.    To overcome this we are now offering refills on our Skin Radiance Cleansing Cream – and more refills to follow very soon.

Our view is that you cannot make your life completely plastic free – it is a very versatile (and, yes, it is  eco-friendly packaging – in that you are not having to use limited resources ie water, wood for paper / cardboard)  but it needs to be used responsibly, recycled responsibly and reuse as necessary.


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