Why cleansing your face should be your most important No 1 Skin Routine!! 

I hear from a lot of ladies that they don’t “NEED”  to cleanse their skin as they don’t wear make-up…… YES YOU DO NEED TO CLEANSE YOUR SKIN – and this is why…….

  • It is vital for healthy skin
  • Removes potentially harmful bacteria
  • Removes daily dirt and dead skin cells
  • Refreshes and smoothes your skin to allow for further absorption of skincare products

it is not only vital for skin health afterall we all (hopefully) shower or bathe regularly to cleanse our bodies so what about your face?  Would you use the same product you use on your body to cleanse your skin??  Hopefully your answer is a NO!  The reason being these foaming cleansing agents are not formulated for your facial skin, they contain apart from other skin stripping foaming agents they also contain  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (made using Palm Oil).  The fragrances added can also irritate the delicate facial skin and may cause inflammation.  The only time a foaming facial cleanser can be used on facial skin is if you are prone to acne outbreaks or oily skin but choose non SLS foam based cleanser.  Wash off cleansers are designed to wash away dead skin & bacteria causing acne but are not great at removing some make-up like mascara (this is where a two step cleansing method is required – more about that later in this article)

Why we created a Cream Cleanser  as found in our SKIN RADIANCE CREAM CLEANSER.  Using a combination of skin cleansing oils like Sunflower and Castor Oil – when massaged over the skin actively traps the dirt in the oils but oils alone are not great in washing off – so making and emulsified product ie a mix of water and oils creates a milk when water is added to the skin, this helps to lift off the dirt and is efficiently removed from the skin when rinsing either either using the facial bamboo cloth and using warm water – this action of massaging the product and rinsing, lifts and removes the dirt from the skin and being a cream based product is not overly drying as we also added other skin loving ingredients like glycerin and Calendula Oil that hydrate and moisturise the skin in one single step.  

The skin is a magnate for absorbing daily dirt, and builds up through out the day with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells.  . the natural oils in our skin effectively holds on to daily dirt – have you ever found a yourself walking around a major city during the day and finding that on cleansing your skin the colour is almost black from all that pollution?  City pollution is hideous for your skin, it gets trapped in your pores and hair follicles which  can then lead to an outbreak of pimples

So, Cleansing your skin is not just for removing make-up,

Cleansing will remove the surface build up and allow a clean palette for other skincare products that follow thereafter –  by remove daily pollutants a and dead skin will keep your skin looking fresh without the use of harsh foaming agents that can strip your skin of its natural oils. 

Do you need to Cleanse in the morning and at night?

This is your preference – I don’t feel it is necessary to cleanse in the morning if you have cleansed and night – On waking I splash my face with warm water and dry – there is talk of a build of toxins in the skin overnight etc – I don’t think this is absolutely correct – but if it suits your routine then carry on – CLEAN SKIN IS BEAUTIFUL SKIN!

How to Cleanse Correctly with our SKIN RADIANCE CREAM CLEANSER

  • Massage the cleanser around your face for at least one minute This will allow enough time for a thorough cleanse, really working the cleanser and its active ingredients into the skin. If you have time we would say 1-3 minutes is the optimal time.
  • Do not be harsh with cleansing such as over washing, scrubbing or rubbing,
  • The temperature of the water matters too. Not too hot water (doesn’t open pores and cold water won’t close them either)  I prefer my water to my on the slightly warm than lukewarm, I like the sensory feel as I apply the warm face cloth to remove the cleanser. 
  • Rinse the cloth and apply to the newly cleanser face for extra comfort.   
  • Always wash your cloth with soap and rinse well after use, this remove any residing bacteria from the cloth and allow your cloth to dry – I change my cloths every 2 to 3 days and wash at around 40C to remove dirt and bacteria

What about the Double Cleansing Method?

The double cleansing method is using two different products  – firstly using a oil to lift make-up off and then using a cream or (or if you have oily skin a wash-off cleanser) to complete the routine by rinsing the skin with clean water water to effectively remove the dirt away from the skin. 

 There is some debate as to whether it is absolutely necessary for overall skin health to double cleanser the skin – however, if you wear a lot of make up, particularly eye makeup then using a pure plant oil (Grapeseed Oil is excellent for all skin types) and gently massage over the skin and eye area before removing with a cleansing cloth can the first step in removing the make up and then using our Cream Cleanser to gently remove the make-up residue and other dirt. 

When to use a foam based cleanser

If you have very oily acne prone skin or your are suffering from menopausal skin with a sudden eruption of spots, then washing your facial skin with a mild soap based formula is good to remove the dead skin which can cause an increase in s acne  – if you prefer to use a foam based cleanser and wear make-up, you make find that doing the Double Cleanse Method is preferable to removing the make-up first before using the foam based cleanser to wash off the makeup and dead skin cells. 

What about using “CLEANSING WIPES”??

If you  DON’T CARE about the environment then go ahead!

I personally dislike them, and feel should be removed from the market place – they contribute to serious sea and land pollution, they do not degrade, the outer packaging is made of non-degradable plastic (it needs to be to keep the wipes moist) – they are an unnecessary product!  Enough said about the construction and they don’t do a sufficient job of cleaning the skin –  dead skin and make up is smeared around the face.  The wipes are forumulated  with a high percentage of preservatives because of the nature of how the wipes are stored ie kept in a “damp environment” in a plastic bag that is opened regularly. 

They are harsh to use, with the actual mechanics of scrubbing your face with facial wipes, can leave the skin irritated. Rubbing can cause low-grade inflammation that can cause long term skin concerns –

So what can you use that is quick and convenient when travelling? 

I use my organic Bamboo facial cloths – I keep it in a zip-lock back when not using and then when I need to cleanse my skin I will find a somewhere that has clean water I have even used bottle water when camping!! It is convenient, and I am not contributing to the land/sea pollutants. 

And to make like even more convenient – we are giving away 50ml of our Cleaning Cream in a small (recyclable and reusesable) jar that is very handy to take travelling and being only 50ml perfect for air travel too and this also comes with our Organic Bamboo Cloth – perfect travel companions. 

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