How do you feel about Exercise?

Did you know regular Exercise can make you feel and look younger!

exercise can make you look youngerAs we grow older LOOKING and BEING or FEELING YOUNGER is on probably every woman’s mind regardless of age, and the media makes sure of that.   Most, well, all advertising / promotion on beauty features a young woman without a single wrinkle in sight – promoting  anti-aging product that promises “to turn back the clock”…REALLY!!

This is where the problem lies – we start aging the day we are born!  It is so cruel, when we are young we are desperate to look older than our years and as we mature we want to hold onto our looks to feel and look forever young.

Our skin starts to show its maturity from the mid 20’s – enzymes that keep our skin looking young and plumped start to decrease such as Hyaluronic Acid and Co-Enzyme Q10.  Collagen starts to break downs  by 1% a year from our 20’s  – this decline is hardly noticable until we reach our mid thirties when we start to see that tiny wrinkle appearing around they eye area or deepend frown lines, and sadly those wrinkles just won’t go away unless you resort to chemical help such like Botox and such like.

But, is looking younger the key to our own happiness?

The old adage, beauty lies in the beholder – if you are feeling great, you look great (and beautiful too)  – there is nothing more depressing to see a beautiful young woman without a single wrinkle in sight unhappy about something in the way she looks but wonderful compared to a more mature person,  rejoicing in her own skin, with a glow that shines through the wrinkles and tired skin to show a person alive!

The key to beauty is your own happiness  and that take many forms.

How Exercise can make you look younger, improve skin tone and connect with Collagen

Exercise has a number of benefits, and improving your skin is one of them. Regular exercise stimulates collagen production and increases the amount of human growth hormone released by your body. Both of these factors can make your skin healthier and thicker.  Producing more collagen makes your skin thicker due to the influence of increased collagen fibers present. Unfortunately, a short stint of exercise won’t thicken your skin. It takes dedication to long-term training or prolonged exercise to stimulate collagen production.  But, can facial exercises help improve the face?

The Theory

The muscles in your face form a foundation for your skin. Wherever your muscles go, so does the skin on top of them. That means that if your facial muscles lose tone, your facial skin will follow suit and sag. Medline Plus confirms that loss of muscle tone as you age contributes to loose, drooping skin. Since exercising the rest of your body’s muscles improve their tone, the theory behind facial exercises for tightening skin is that exercising them will tone them up and result in tighter skin.

Some Say it Works…

Beauty and exercise gurus swear by facial exercises for tightening loose skin, but if you’re considering beginning a facial exercise regimen, you want to hear from an authoritative professional whether it will work for you. Some medical professionals, such as plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Francis Palmer, promote the effectiveness of facial exercises and recommend specific ones to their patients. In his 2009 book “What’s Your Number? The Palmer Code,” Dr. Palmer says facial exercises for your cheeks, eye area and neck will firm up the muscles in those areas, and that will result in increased elasticity and firmness of facial skin.

…Some Disagree

Although some doctors deem facial exercises to be useful for tightening the skin on your face, others claim that they do nothing to improve the tone of sagging skin. In her article “Can Facial Exercises Really Prevent or Reduce Skin Wrinkling?,” dermatologist Dr. Flor Mayoral says that exercising your face provides no benefits to wrinkled or sagging skin. To back up her position, Dr. Mayoral points out that no clinical research has been done to prove that the exercises work and goes on to say that exercises that require you to squint your eyes or pucker your lips will encourage wrinkles to form.

Ways to Improve Skin Tone

Even though the medical opinions on facial exercises go both ways, you may want to do some research on your own and give them a shot. If you’d rather employ techniques that are proven to improve the condition of your skin, follow the advice of professional dermatologists. Cleanse your face every evening; the Department of Dermatology at the University of Connecticut says that after age 40 you no longer need to cleanse it twice a day. Use a moisturizer and sunscreen.  Apply topical antioxidant and vitamin A or retinoid creams to improve cell renewal and collagen growth.

Exercising in general (not just facial muscles) will also help by oxygenating skin. According to Joy Brown’s “Creation Diet,” drinking 8 ounces of water per 20 pounds of body weight per day will hydrate and plump up skin cells. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep, and eat a healthy diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as omega 3-rich foods such as almonds, flaxseed and salmon.

Exercise is still essential so how Much Is Enough?

You should also do aerobic exercises each week, at the intensity level of your choice. If you prefer moderate-intensity exercise — such as walking, you should exercise 150 minutes per week. However, if you rev up your routine to vigorous-intensity aerobics, you can cut the time in half, to 75 minutes.

Exercise boots endorphins – an increase in endorphin levelsEndorphins are our body’s natural hormones that get released when we are doing something that requires a burst of energy — they are the things that make us perform, make us move “Exercise tends to increase those levels.” It’s the endorphin release that contributes to the feeling of euphoria commonly known as “runner’s high.”

To feel better….  It’s up to you and how you age….

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