Nura is a Natural & Organic Skincare line, formulated and developed by Julia Paramor.  With a  background of making & creating Body Oils for her own personal use and on reaching a milestone birthday, Julia wanted to create a skincare product that would address her personal issues of overexposed UV damaged and hyper-pigmented skin.  Having grown up in Kenya and South Africa, her skin was showing early signs of UV damage  – Julia started  her extensive research into the cosmetic chemistry of how to make a cream and  what natural but clinically proven ingredients  could be added to improve her skin tone, pigmentation, increase hydration, elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

After an exhaustive period of  product development and in consultation with cosmetic chemists,  research into every ingredient to ensure its genuine functionality and delivery, and extensive  product testing (on friends and family!!)  – Nura Skincare was launched in 2015 after all products had been independently tested to meet Cosmetic EU Regulations.  Nura Skincare has gone from strength  to strength with new products (and new ECO-packaging) been added to the range.   

The name Nura was born from two words:

NUtrional floRA = NURA

A name that reflects the true essence of Nura’s products – working with the power of plants.

Nura’s skincare products are  formulated with natural, organic and clinically proven ingredients & vitamins to nourish, protect and deliver optimum nutritional  performance,  to your skin – NATURALLY.  All the products are made by hand in the beautiful  Culm Valley nr. Exeter

Nura’s  products DO NOT CONTAIN – Palm Oil & SLS, Parabans, Synthetic Silicones and are Gluten free.  Ingredients are ethically sourced, vegetarian and from sustainable resources.




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